Commercial Restoration Services & More for the Aberdeen & Hoquiam WA, Area

Carpet Cleaning – Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and have years of experience in commercial carpet care, giving you the confidence you'll receive quality work. We keep many specialty spot cleaners on hand to help remove even the worst stains. Commercial carpet can also present many challenges but we have several cleaning methods to overcome these situations.
Upholstery Cleaning – Our technicians are certified by the IICRC in Upholstery Cleaning and are able to clean any steam cleanable upholstery, some dry clean only upholstery, and the majority of leather upholstery. The list can include office chairs, couches, benches, and many more items.
Carpet and Upholstery Protector – Commercial traffic can mean lots of wear on your carpet and upholstery. Ask us to apply 3M Scotchgard to protect your investment in carpet and upholstery. We know and trust Scotchgard brand protector and have seen wonderful results using it in commercial settings.
Odor Control – Odors can come from many sources. Let us use our experience to help you eliminate and control unwanted odors.
Tile and Grout Cleaning – Commercial tile and grout may be difficult for some to clean but we use high pressure steam cleaning to remove as much soiling from your tile and grout as possible without using harsh cleaning products or abrasives.
Window Cleaning – Clean windows can be a big boost to office morale when the sun shines through the clean glass. Our technicians are trained to be as efficient as possible and to minimize their impact on your workday.
Gutter Cleaning – The outside of your business is the first thing a customer will see, keep that experience positive by letting us clean the inside and outside of your gutters.
Air Duct Cleaning – This service helps to improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We use a brush process to loosen and vacuum debris from your duct lines and finish by sanitizing the duct system. We are even able to look at before and after images of your air ducts.
Floor Cleaning and Waxing – A clean and glossy floor adds a sparkle to any businesses. Ask us about your floors, large or small.
Janitorial Cleaning – We have many years of experience in this field of work. Being licensed, bonded, insured, and having screened employees you can have confidence in us when we come to clean your building. We try to use as many Green Seal Certified cleaning products as possible without losing effectiveness and we use a color coded towel and mop system to prevent cross-contamination between areas. We currently service medical offices, banks, industrial manufacturing mills, professional offices, and other building types. Call us to get an estimate for your office or facility.
Construction Clean Up – When the contractor is finished we come in and remove leftover dust, stickers, adhesives and many other construction related items so that you can move into your business immediately after.

Pressure Washing – The exterior of your business is important to keep clean, because it often makes the first impression on a customer. Let us help with keeping up the exterior of your business and make that first impression a good one.
Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – For years we have been helping our customers from start to finish. Our IICRC certified experts can help you in the process with your insurance company and deal with the adjuster on pricing and methods of restoration so that you can put your mind at ease in a stressful environment. As a company, we are able to restore your business starting with cleaning and finishing with any repairs needed.
Water Damage Restoration – Our technicians are also IICRC trained to handle water damage. Let us take the stress out of the situation while you focus on your business. We can handle all phases of the job. Let us work with your insurance company to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Quick response is the key with water damage so please call as soon as possible if you have water damage.

For more information on our services or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.